Osaka , JAPAN || 日本 , 大阪 

Osaka (大阪, Ōsaka) is Japan’s second largest metropolitan area after its capital Tokyo Osaka was formerly known as Naniwa. It has been the economic powerhouse of the Kansai Region for many centuries.


Before the Nara Period, when the capital used to be moved with the reign of each new emperor,   Naniwa (now Osaka) was once Japan’s capital city, the first one ever known.


In the 16th century, ToyotomiHideyoshi chosen Osaka as the location for his castle and the city may have become Japan’s political capital if Tokugawa Ieyasu had not terminated the Toyotomi lineage after Hideyoshi’s death and moved his government to Tokyo.




Travel from Tokyo to Osaka by train or bus


The distance between Tokyo and Osaka is about 400KM.

Tokyo and Osaka Station are connected with each other by the JR Tokaido Shinkansen.  Nozomi trains require about 155 minutes to reach Shin-Osaka Station from Tokyo whereas Hikari trains take about three hours and Kodama trains about four hours.

The one way trip from Tokyo to Osaka by highway bus will takes about 8 hours.



Places to visit in Osaka

  •  Osaka Castle (大阪城)
  • Shinsaibashi (心斎橋)
  • Dotonbori (道頓堀)
  • Hozenji Temple
  • Kuromon Ichiba Market (黒門市場)
  • Shinsekai (新世界)
  • Universal Studio Osaka
  • Shitennoji Temple (四天王寺)

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