Every woman has a passion, no matter how slight or grand they come, for fashion. Women emancipation may have changed the ladies’ notion for fashion. Today, women from all ages are working their way to look great, not merely to appear pleasant to men, but even more importantly to please themselves.

As we go along, we will discuss the women’s guide to looking fashionable and glam. Despite the recession that currently besets the world, every woman’s right to look glamorous stands still – firm and proud.

Let’s get started!


Today’s Real Fashionista

Fashionista – that’s how we currently call the woman who exemplifies grace and elegance not only in what she wears but more importantly in how she carries herself and how she relates to others. The term “fashionable” itself may give us different interpretations but at least for the women who wants to make themselves look good, here is what they have to say about what it means to be fashionable.


Leigh, 26, Buyer

“Being fashionable for me would mean wearing the right clothes, with the right fit without having to spend beyond your means.”


Karlen, 16, Student

“To be fashionable would mean to be comfortable in what you wear. It doesn’t matter who or what you’re wearing. What matters more is how you wear them. I’m a student so I would normally do a lot of walking so I’d pick my favorite white sneakers at most time and pair with a funky tank top or jeans. No matter what I wear, I always make sure to ramp off with confidence. I guess that’s what’s more important.”


Arlie, 31, Mother

“To be fashionable for me would mean to be practical. I am a mom and there’s a lot more things to spend my money on than just buying clothes or bags. And so, my challenge is how to make myself look pleasant and elegant without having to spend too much.”


Teena, 18, Nurse

“Being fashionable for me is looking fabulous in casual wear. I’m not a big fan of high-end designers – very seldom do I buy something off the rack but I keep myself looking good by sticking to the basics. A white, nicely-fit tee and a nicely-fit jeans, cool girly earrings, statement shoes and a bag to match. That should be enough to keep myself in fashion.”


Francesca, 25, Writer

“To be fashionable for me is to sport the glamour without spending too much. There are a lot of thrift shops all over the place. They sell the coolest pieces. Normally, I keep my look vintage or classic. That way, I am always in style regardless of what the current trends are.”


We have just read how five women from different ages and backgrounds define “fashion” in our time. Somehow, there’s one thing common with their definition. Women, now, are already cautious about not going beyond their financial means. This, by no doubt, was brought about by the global recession that we face. If we can carry out such notion all throughout (with or without recession), then what better way to look great and at the same time save up. Nevertheless, as for today, women see fashion as an economic challenge and since we all want to look good, we curve our fashion budgets to suit our styles and at the same time our pockets.

Therefore, as we go further, we will delve with the concept of “practical fashionability.” – This is a term we coin for looking glamorous without having to spend too much.


Who are today’s fashion icons?


One way to save up for fashion buys is knowing who we want to be like and what exactly to wear. Below are some of today’s fashion icons. Most women and girls would want to look like them.


Gossip Girl

We see them on TV all the time. Gossip Girls lead characters “Blaire Wardolf” and “Serena Vanderwoodson” played by Leighton Meester and Blake Lively respectively are making a big influence among highschool, college and yuppies. Their style is very modern and chic. In the show, they may wear expensive names and pieces but our wise fashionistas are taking the challenge on by going to thrift shops and coming up with ways to wear it like the Gossip Girl way.

Carrie Bradshaw

In fashion, she’s a goddess. This is the fictional character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in “Sex in the City.” Just like in Gossip Girl, Carrie sports the expensive line of dresses and accessories but this does not mean that our fashionistas cannot wear something the Carrie Bradshaw way without having to spend wisely.

Michelle Obama

She became a big name in the fashion scene not only for being America’s First Lady but because of what she wear, how she wears it, her practicality and her exemplary wit, style and humor. Michelle is simply everything and everybody fashionable rolled into one. She did not fail the millions of fans and critics from all across the globe who eagerly awaited what she would be wearing for the President’s Oath taking Rites. Her casual look includes a cardigan, a basic tee or sleeveless top, a knee-length or above-the-knee skirt and a pair of chic shoes. Contrary to the majority expectation, Michelle does not really opt for big-name designers. Instead, she goes for rising names in the industry. What makes her entire package a standout is her outstanding wit and social charms. She is simply a definite stunner.

Audrey Hepburn

They say, if you want to stay in fashion all the time, the trick is to go classic. Audrey Hepburn will always be a fashion icon for all times. Through the years, women from all across background wear the little black dress accessorized with sultry pearls. The Audrey Hepburn look makes a woman look elegant, sophisticated very effortlessly.

Miley Cyrus

Ask the younger ones of today’s generation who they want to look like and Miley Cyrus will be a common name. Most teenagers who watch her in “Hannah Montana” want to sport the rocker-chic look that Miley has. All it takes is nicely-fit jeans, a statement tee, big metal accessories and a light make-up and they’re good to look like Miley.

These are women’s current fashion icons. As we go further, we will discuss what to wear, how to wear to look like the big names which we have just mentioned above.


The Making of a Fashionista


In the previous chapter, we have defined that today’s real fashionista is somebody who knows to look good. She knows what to wear, how to wear and even more importantly, how much to spend accordingly. Now, we will proceed to discussing every fashion piece further. We will discuss the basic tips and guide for finding the right bag, accessories, shoes, skirts and tops. You don’t need to hoard everything from the boutiques, all you will need are a few must-haves under every category and it’s up to you to mix and match.


What to Wear, How to Wear


The magic of “mix and match” will help you come up with great fashion ensembles without having to spend too much. Below, we will give you tips on what to get under every category and then pairing it up with your other pieces would be up to you. After all, that’s one way to measure and define a true blue fashionista.


The Fashion Guide to Bags

Big white bag

During hectic days when you no longer have time to take a look at your closet for the right bag to wear, a white bag will keep your fashion style safe regardless of what you’re wearing and where you’re heading. If you’re sporting the rugged look with jeans, the big white bag will add more statement to it. On the other hand, if you’re wearing the smart casual get-up, your white bag will still go with your entire look. Keep it big so that stuffing your needs and other must-have’s would be easy.

Small black purse

You need a small purse for your cocktail parties and night time affairs or functions where you are required to wear either a cocktail dress or a gown. Hollywood celebrities who walk down the red carpet would normally ask their designers to make them a purse to pair with their dresses so that if they’re wearing a red gown, they’d use a purse with red trimmings on it or something like that. However, this can be quite expensive. A small black purse will make you stand out during formal occasions. It can also go with whatever color of dress you’re wearing.

Small red bag

If you want to keep it chic without having to look too classic, then wear something red. Of course, ideally, your red bag would look best if you’re wearing a red pair of shoes. Just make sure that you know how to mix and match.

Funky backpack

There are times when you just want to go rugged. Whether you’re heading off to the grocery or  you’re on your way to school, a backpack is sure to look good with your jeans. It is also very convenient since you can stuff all your books and other necessities into it.

Gold/silver purse

Purses are for formal functions. If you’re not sure of how to make your fashion statement safe but you’d want to veer away from using the little black tote, something gold or silver can make up for it.


Looking Glam with the Right Accessories

Big pearl earrings

Big pearl earrings are classic. However, if you’re thinking that they’d only look good with your little black dress or your corporate outfit, you could be wrong. Pearl earrings can go with almost anything. Wear it with a plain white tee and jeans and it gives you a casual-elegant look. Use it on a Friday night with your short funky skirt, plain nice-fitting top and pumps and it gives you some sophistication.

Silver stud earrings

If you want to keep it laid-back but still make a fashion spunk without looking too classic, you can use silver stud earrings instead of pearl. Silver studs can also go with anything and everything. Whether you’re planning of sporting jeans or cocktail, you are sure to look great and stunning with your statement studs.

Hoop earrings

These pair of earrings is perfect for those who want to look more girly and flirty. This is perfect when you’re heading off to bars for a little dancing. Ladies who wear the hoop earrings must be careful of “over-accessorizing.” If you’re wearing such, maybe you can veer away from bangles and necklaces. Big hoops are already enough to give your fashion style a statement. Otherwise, you’ll end up looking like a pathetic Christmas tree.

Big black bangle

Big black bangles have a touch of Bohemian feel. However, you do not have to limit using it only when wearing a Bohemian-inspired get-up. You can also wear your black bangles with jeans or even when you’re on your way to a business meeting. They give you an instant style of “edginess and class.”

Gold/ bronze fortune teller ring

The big fortune teller ring is perfect when you’re wearing a long, casual dress (Note: Not gown). Your long dress should already be enough to make you a stunner. Avoid using big catchy earrings or blings. Instead, you can just wear a big ring on your finger and then you’ll look like an instant fashion gem.


Walk Your Way in the Perfect Shoes


Black stilettos


Stilettos are perfect when you’re wearing something corporate, when you’re wearing a long gown or when you’re wearing a cocktail. They are an instant way to make your look classy and sophisticated most especially if you have great legs to boot. Keep it black it safe. As mentioned above, black goes well with any color.

White sneakers

No matter how girly or a party icon you are, every woman needs to have her own pair of white sneakers. These are a basic fashion must-have’s. You won’t be wearing your stilettos or pumps all the time. You need your sneakers when you’re driving, when you walk around town on a lazy weekend or even when you’re going out with your girl pals. A pair of white sneakers can give you the elegant-rugged look. Of course, we should never underestimate  the comfort and convenience that it gives us. Sneakers are simply one of the best pairs of footwear to walk with.

Chic flat pumps

If you don’t feel like wearing your sneakers, your flat pumps will make a good alternative. Flat pumps can go with almost anything – both rugged, smart casual and semi-formal. You can wear it with your jeans to school. You can also wear it with your slacks to work. At party time, you can change into you cocktail dress and your pumps are still sure to go with your style.

White high-heel pumps

High heel pumps give you a certain sophistication that the black stiletto cannot achieve. Maybe it’s because pumps are not open-toe footwear. They make the perfect choice when you’re at the workplace or even when you’re going formal with a cocktail dress. Why white? We’ve already mentioned the black stiletto in number 1; the two can be interchanged with each other. Just so you’ll have more color options, buying something white will be a good idea.

Everyday step-in

At times when you just want to put on what’s available and you’re not in the mood to wear too rugged flip-flops, a chic step-in will keep you looking casual with a slight girly appeal. You can have them in different colors is you want. After all, you’ll find a great deal of affordable step-ins in the market today.



Show off your skirt!


Knee-length black corporate skirt


Every woman needs a black corporate skirt. If you’re a student, black skirts are perfect when making formal class presentation or when attending job interviews and appointments in the future. For working ladies, the black skirt is perfect for the normal day office wear. You can pair it either with a printed or plain top, chic pumps and you are good to look like the workplace fashionista.

Short denim skirt

There are times when you do not feel like wearing a pair of jeans. In lieu of jeans, you can just wear a denim skirt. This skirt is perfect for a wide range of activities. You can wear this to school, to the movie theater, to concerts, the grocery, the coffee shop or even to your Friday night out with the girls. The short denim skirt also gives you the perfect opportunity to accessorize. Denim skirts look already laid-back so you will need to add some knick-knacks to make it look more of a standout.

Chiffon skirt

A chiffon skirt is perfect for romantic dates. This can make a woman look very girly and classy at the same time. You can pair your skirt either with a flat pumps or stilettos. Chiffon skirts are also perfect for your normal weekend activities. If you want to do the groceries and still look chic and girly, you can simply pair your skirt with a flip flop and a nice-fitting white top.

Chic above-the-knee nicely fit skirt

Above-the-knee skirts are safe. You can wear them to almost anywhere. Depending on your accessories and the type of shoes you’re wearing, one same skirt can give you different looks at different circumstances.

Bohemian skirt

When the sun is up and you want to go to the beach or stroll around time with your friends, the long Bohemian skirt will give you a chic, girly and breezy appeal. When at the beach, you’re skirt can be worn as a cover-up with your swim suit underneath- so that makes a double purpose and a great fashion saver tip as well


Be the Fashion Icon in your Chic Top


Nicely-fit white tee

Just like the little black dress, the nicely-fit white tee is every woman’s fashion must-have. It looks very neat and chic that you can wear it with any skirt, pants, shoes or accessories. You can go to work and pair it with your grey slacks or black skirt and still look formal. If you want to look rugged, you can simply pair it up with a nice pair of jeans. You can also wear your white tee with your funky short skirts. Lastly, they also make a great blazer partner. Wear you plain tee underneath a chic red blazer and be an instant stunner.

Black sleeveless

Just like your white tee, your black sleeveless top will also go with anything. It can give you different looks when styled differently. However, unlike the white tee, this piece is more formal. You pair it with a black cool skirt and you have an instant little black dress.

Red sleeveless

Some fashion critics say that “red can be the new black.” There are times when we want to veer away from looking too safe. For instance, if you’re going to work with a pair of black blazer and skirt, you can use a red sleeveless top underneath instead of white. This way, you’ll look like a fierce corporate fashionista without having to veer away from the basic formal colors.

Chic top with buttons

If you think that buttoned tops only make a good formal wear, then maybe you still haven’t seen how Katie Holmes wears Tom’s polo shirts very nicely. All you need to do is to fold and crop the sleeves, open the first 2 buttons or top and voila – you’re get the instant clean-sexy look. If you’re tall and you have a slender body, you can also use a belt to make it look like a short dress.

Black long-sleeves body-hugging top

Come winter, all you’ll need is a basic body hugging top and you can pair it up with printed shawls, funky colorful blazers and the like. Of course, you can also wear them as is to work or to some of you everyday activities. Just make sure that you accessorize accordingly to the place you’re headed to and to the activity you’re about to do.


The Practical Shopaholic’s List: Other Fashion Must-Have’s


Red chic blazer or cardigan

As mentioned above, if you want to veer away from looking too safe with black or white, you can opt for red instead. A red blazer, coat or cardigan is a fashion must-have to keep you warm and comfortable from the cold weather without having to give up your fashionista disposition.

White plain headband

See how Blaire Wardolf puts on a headband and look an instant fashion icon? Headbands were not only made to keep you hair from falling off your face. Some head pieces are made to make an added statement to a plain ensemble. A chic white headband will not only make you look neat. It will also make you stand out in a crowd especially if you have a glowing and well-moisturized skin.

Denim blazer

A denim blazer goes with almost anything. You can wear it over a dress, a rugged tee or even a corporate get-up. Just make sure to accessorize accordingly and you are good to look glam and fab.

Nicely-fit jeans

Every woman should have a great pair of jeans. Just like the three items mentioned above, jeans go with almost all sorts of style. If you’re on your way to school, wear it with your tee and sneakers and get your fashion convenience at an instant. If you’re partying with your friends and you’re not in the mood to wear a skirt, just put on your body-flaunting jeans, pair it up with a stunner high-heeled pumps and you’re a definite standout at the dance floor!

Flip flops           

If you want to get a little laid back and keep your toes and feet comfy and cozy, you have  got to use your flip flops. Flip flops are becoming to be a great alternative to white sneakers. Wear them accordingly based on your desired style and they’re sure to never fail you.


The Fashion Bow


So where does this leads us fashionistas to?

It is a given how the crises is affecting a wide range of global businesses today.  That; however does not mean that women should sacrifice looking good and elegant. Looking pleasant and great does a lot of magic to how a woman perceives herself at that moment:

It boosts her self-confidence.

It affirms her social likeability

It makes her feel good about herself, in general.

In short, looking pleasant and fashionable is hardly going to take the backseat – yes, that’s despite the crises that we are currently facing.

This leads us to a compromise. Crises saves fashion through mix and match techniques. As mentioned, you do not need to hoard a variety of pieces and make a closet like Kimora Lee’s. All you will need are a few fashion essentials like those which we have listed above and you’re good to look like the circa’s ultimate fashionista.




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