Not all of them come with diamonds, nevertheless, handbags continue to be one of a woman’s best friends. Studies have proven that women with average income spend between 20-40% of their annual income on fashion pieces, including handbags. To date, many people still do not understand why women can’t resist the temptation to shop for, or to collect handbags. So why exactly do women go gaga over hoarding gazillions of designer handbags?

“Collecting designer bags for me is an investment. Unlike gadgets or cars, handbags do not depreciate as much. Personally, I go for LV and Chanel. Yes, they may seem very hefty but when I think about the investment value that I could get from them, I don’t mind at all.”

–              Carrie, Single Mother and Entrepreneur, 33


“I have only two designer handbags, but I guess I have 20 other handbags in the closet. I don’t know why I collect them. I can’t even use every single piece, but I sure get delighted just by looking at them, so every payday I try to buy at least 1.”

–              Mitch, Buyer, 23


“I collect handbags because I want to have a variety of options. If I want to go rugged, I can use this. If I wear a cocktail dress, I can use this. I think if guys go crazy for tools, we go crazy for bags. And just like tools, there’s one designated bag for every get up.”

–              Cherry, PR Consultant, 26


“I love fashion a lot. I buy a lot of clothes, jewelry, shoes and handbags. I rely on fashion magazines to keep me in style. I buy handbags because I simply want a collection. I have a mixture of designer bags and the ordinary pieces. I plan on handing down my designer bags to my kids and grand children.”

–              Cyrra, Banker, 37


So now we understand that women have their own reasons for buying and collecting handbags. Some opt for the more expensive ones, others go for the cheaper ones. However, with the global recession that besets the world today, where else can women find cheap handbags for sale?

As we go along, we will give you a wide range of options for buying handbags. Now, there’s no reason for you to be a dethroned handbag fashionista.

The Golden Rules of Handbag Shopping

More than your cash or credit card, there are  a few other things to keep in mind when shopping for fashion handbags. Let’s take a look at the golden rules one by one.

1. Original vs. Replica

Before heading off to your favorite shopping spot, ask yourself the question, “Do you want the real thing or the replica?” A single purchase of Louis Vuitton will probably cost you $5,000 or so, depending on the model and the size that you’re getting. The interesting thing is that throughout the globe, you will find millions of replica bags. Replicas are imitation products which look the same as designer bags but are made of low quality material and thus, sold at a lower price. An LV replica can cost just $50, depending on where you buy it. For instance, in Bangkok and some Asian countries, replicas cost only 700-1000 Baht. From afar, replicas almost look the same as designer bags but if you try to examine them closely, the materials used are mediocre when compared to the real ones. The reason that collectors collect high-end handbags is primarily for investment purposes. Handbags do not depreciate quickly, like gadgets and cars. These pieces can also be passed down to younger generations. Replica products, on the other hand, have no investment value. Before shopping, you need to know what you will be getting. Will you go for a replica? Or will you go for the real thing? If you want to go for the real ones, make sure that you know how to spot them from the lookalikes. You will find a wide range of written pointers online which can help you out with this.

2. No Impulsive Shopping

The most common mistake that women make when shopping is getting too impulsive. They simply find it hard to resist buying a beautiful (not even useful) piece. Being too impulsive can result in a number of pitfalls. First, it can cause serious financial problems. When women use their credit cards to shop, it can be easy to forget how much they have spent. To avoid impulsive shopping, it is very important to know what you want to buy. In order to avoid this, before the grand shopping day, window shop! Look around and find the cheapest offer. Once you’re sure, come back the next day and bring enough cash only for your planned purchase.

3. Budget Limits

More than just her fashion pieces, all women have a wide range of other important things to spend for. The key here is self discipline. You may be fashionable all the time but your bank account is empty – that still makes you mediocre. A wise shopper only shops when she has a surplus.

4. No Credit Cards

As mentioned above, credit cards are the great enabler when it comes to impulsive shopping. One cannot see the weight of her purchases when she uses a credit card instead of cash. The major shock will only come once she gets her bill. To avoid credit card horrors, keep your cards away during the grand shopping day. Pay in cash as much as possible. This allows your finances to be easily and properly monitored.

5. Shopping is a Reward

The wise shopper goes shopping to give herself a reward. After closing a deal with a huge client, pampering yourself with the latest Chanel piece is excusable. Shopping should be a feeling of relief and triumph, not of guilt.


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