The Queen Brands of Handbags


Before proceeding further, let us go through a quick review of the queen brands of hand bags. What brands do women go crazy for? These are the brands which have made it into the closets of Hollywood celebrities and well-off personalities throughout the globe. As mentioned above, one of the most common reasons that women collect these brands is for the investment value.

1. Chanel

One of the most sought-after Chanel pieces is the Chanel 2.55. As we all know, everything classic  stays in style, the same is true of this classic little piece.  The 2.55 was first introduced in 1955. It was named for Coco Chanel after she eagerly announced that she wanted a shoulder bag to keep her hands free. The first Chanel handbags got their inspiration from the quilting of Jockey coats. To date, Chanel bags are still widely considered to be an “it” piece. The “little vintage” continues to be a charmer and a consistent lure to female customers.

2. Hermes Birkin

The brand name came from the famous actress Jane Birkin, who during her time didn’t have any qualms about getting into a public relationship with Serge Gainsbourg, who was a French singer. Birkin bags have had their generous share of exposure in famous Hollywood shows such as “Sex and the City.” To date, the “Birkin” continues to be a symbol for luxury and a lavish lifestyle. Buying a real Birkin can cost as much as $6,000. Price aside, they are extremely popular. In fact, they are so popular that eager customers typically have to wait for 2 years on average after their initial order before the product is finally delivered to them.

3. Chloe Paddington

This brand is considered to be the Boho-chic handbag. It was first created in 2005 by renowned designer Phoebe Philo. The overall design embodies an unstructured and slouchy shape. Kate Moss is a self-confessed Paddington lover, since such pieces complement her sense of bohemian style. Most Chloe Paddington bags cost  around $1,500.

4. Balenciaga

Goat leather, which is used in the production of Balenciaga bags, makes the brand a stand out. Recently, Balenciaga bags (also known as the “city bag”) caused a stir after it became a favorite of notorious Hollywood fashionistas like the Olsen twins. Authentic Balenciaga bags are not sold online. They generally retail at around $1,200.

5. Alexander McQueen Novak

This brand features Kim Novak inspired designs. Kim Novak was a famous vintage era artist who made appearances in some of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies. The initial production of this line was a total of only 200 bags, which in turn caused quite a stir among fashionistas and handbag lovers around the world.


6. Marc Jacobs Stam

This brand was named after Jessica Stam, a Canadian Supermodel who was also a close friend of the bag designer. The bag design became famous for its quilting and gold hardware just like the classic Chanel bags. The Stam; however, features a more relaxed look and a kiss-lock closure. You will see a wide range of Hollywood celebrities wearing these. The bag’s market price is approximately $1,300.

7. Fendi Spy

To get your own Fendi Spy bag, you will need to wait for around 3 years on the average. This waiting list has made the brand a sought-after name among Hollywood stars like Linda Evangelista and Hilary Duff.

8. YSL Muse

If you want to have fashion status and the highest quality bag at the same time, you’ve got to go for YSL Muse. The bag is crafted from fine leather. It also features beautiful gold hardware, which gets into magazine pages through famous stars like Jessica Alba, Katie Holmes and Lindsay Lohan. This brand regularly sells for around $1,200.

9. Prada Gauffre

This brand crafts their handbags from Nappa leather. They are sold at around $2,000. Famous personalities who have been seen wearing the brand were Beyonce, Madonna, Victoria Beckham and Halle Berry.

10. Louis Vuitton

Most bag lovers say that LV is no longer a trend but a classic. You can get your own LV at the average price of $620. LV pieces are known for being an ideal walking and city bag. By contrast to other designer bags, it features a great deal of interior room.

The brands we have just mentioned above are the “it” names of handbags. Through the years, they have managed to remain a “must-have” fashion piece among women from all across the globe. These brands represent some of the most expensive names that we have for handbags. The hefty price, however, should not stop you from going all glam and fab. Instead of buying the queen brands, you can use them as basis and a reference for the style that you want. This will be the focus of the next section, where we will show you a wide range of economical handbag options. You can look classy and fashionable without having to spend a fortune.

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