Where are the Bargains?

So now, everybody is asking: “With the current recession, how exactly can a woman stay as fashionable as she used to be?” The answer is pretty simple. The fashionista badge does not always come with high-end designer names and $5,000 fashion pieces. All it takes is a little creativity, resourcefulness and patience. Below we will give you a few tried-and-tested tips on how to spot the bargains.

1. Browse the Web

A wide range of business owners from all across the world are now using the World Wide Web to advertise their products. If you’re looking for a Louis Vuitton for instance, the first thing to do is to go directly to the LV site. Browse the new pieces as you wish. Once you figure out what you really want, it’s time to browse the internet. More often than not, official websites maintain a standard selling price for their products. This simply means that there is rarely a chance that you will find bargains on the official website of your desired brand. If you want to get a cheaper deal, look for other online outlet stores. With the Internet, it no longer matters whether or not the store is based in another country. In most cases, the bargain price and the shipping fee still does not add up to the selling price at the official sites.

2. Read Local Classified Ads

Another venue to use in looking for bargains are the local classified ads. These advertisers do not blatantly post the headline “designer handbags for sale.” They come in the form of garage sales, moving out sales and the like. When going to these sales, it would help if you lessen expectations. Finding a good buy is not always a guarantee, but then again, sometimes the risk can pay off big time.

3. Look and Act Like a Potential Buyer

Every town or city has their own “sale fanatics circle.” This circle gets the newest and most current updates on sales. Some sales are not widely publicized. These sellers course their advertisements through word of mouth, which usually comes from the circle of the sale associates. This means that if you want to get the latest update on good buys and sales, make your way to the “sale circle.”

4. Look Around

As mentioned, to sniff out the best bargains, you need to be creative and resourceful. Ask around. Read the ads. Be keen and observant.

5. Neighborhood Sale

We have just mentioned two neighborhood sales: garage sales and moving out sales. These sales may not always happen on a regular basis. Often times, good finds are not always guaranteed. However, if you’re looking for big price drop, you have got to try going to neighborhood sales.

The pointers above can help you find the best bargain spots, not only for handbags and fashion but for a wide range of items as well.

Brilliant Ideas to Help You Find the Best Handbag Bargains

We have just discussed a few tips on how to find the bargains. Now, we will give you  several surefire locations to find handbags on sale.

1. Specialty Outlet Stores

With the emergence of outlet stores all throughout the country, scoring a cheap fashion piece has never been more exciting! Outlet stores cater to the budget-conscious crowds. These shoppers would eagerly line up for blocks for sample sales, making it possible for women to finally spend less on their favorite designer handbags. As we all know, buying an expensive name in handbags requires a lot of consideration. The queen brands market for a minimum of $500. If you have long been eying a Gucci bag but just can’t take the consequence of paying full price, you will almost certainly find your solution inside of an outlet store. Outlet stores are good venues for the bargain addict and the fashionista alike. Though not all designer bags have outlets, you will still find a wide range of options from mid to high-end names, with locations at different outlets (usually found in malls) across the country and even outside of the United States. Apart from mall stores, you can also find a lot of online outlets that offer cheap retail prices. Regardless of your sense of style, whether you go for the vintage Chanel or the city bag Balenciaga, you are sure to find an outlet offering the product you want at a lower price than the retail store. Some brands which now have their own outlet malls throughout the country are the following:

l   Cole Haan

l   Coach

l   Burberry

l   Bottega Veneta

l   Juicy Couture

l   Judith Leiber

l   Gucci

l   Dooney & Bourke

l   DKNY

l   Kate Spade

l   Kenneth Cole

l   Versace

l   Salvatorre Ferregamo

l   Longchamp

l   Michael Kors

What are the advantages and disadvantages of outlet shopping?

The advantage of shopping in an outlet store is the savings that the shopper can enjoy. The prices are incredibly lower, as opposed to the selling price in retail stores. One may not be able to find products from the current seasons but the pieces from recent seasons are just as good as newer ones and perfectly ripe for the picking. Outlet stores can also offer another big advantage for handbag collectors. Here, they can get pieces which may not be available in other stores. The downfall of outlet shopping is that finding the season’s hottest item is not always guaranteed. This can be quite disappointing for some shoppers.  In some cases, while they may be available, you won’t get them for 50% off the retail price.

2. Online Outlet Stores

If you’re after convenience, the best way to shop for bargains is through online outlet stores. To date, you will find a wide range of online handbag outlets on the Internet.

First, let’s look at two shop locater websites. You can use the following sites to help you locate the outlet store nearest you.


Outlet Bound


This site offers you a wide variety of the country’s outlet malls. Shoppers can search by store name, brand name, category and location. If you’re looking for a particular piece, searching through brand names will be a big help.

Chelsea Premium Outlets


The site gives you a wide range of options for locating the world’s most upscale stores. For example, you are sure to find a Chealsea outlet anywhere in the country. Simply click on the “Centers” button to locate the store nearest you.

In most cases, the reputable online stores do not broadcast themselves as “outlets.” Some online sites which can offer you handbag bargains are the following:

l   Bluefly –  http://www.bluefly.com/

l   Overstock – http://www.overstock.com/

l   SmartBargains – http://www.smartbargains.com/

Outlet stores online are simply home to a variety of handbag collections. However, when shopping for these high-end items on the web, make sure that you know how to spot impostor products from the real ones. A lot of replica handbags get through a few “reputable” online stores. Before you finally enter your credit card information, make sure to conduct a brief background check on these online stores. Check out the following sites for your online guide to great designer handbag finds.

l   Celine – eLUXURY.com

l   Christian Dior – eLUXURY.com

l   Fendi – eLUXURY.com

l   Gucci – Gucci.com

l   Lambertson Truex – Ashford.com

l   Louis Vuitton – eLUXURY.com

l   Coach – Coach.com

l   Kate Spade – Neiman Marcus

l   Dooney and Burke – Ashford.com

l   Celine – eLUXURY.com

l   Givenchy – eLUXURY.com

l   Bottega Veneta – eLUXURY.com

3. Thrift Shops

Shopping at thrift stores can result in cheap and fabulous finds. For only $15, you can get yourself a Kate Spade handbag. Just be patient, as you will find yourself sorting through quite a lot of ordinary and mediocre merchandise. When purchasing any item, be sure to check the condition very carefully. Check the zippers, the straps and the seams. Buy an item only if it is in good condition, or if the price will justify what you may spend getting it repaired.

4. Over-run Sale and Factory Outlet Stores

Over-run sales may not always happen on a regular basis, but you can find great pieces if you’re patient and resourceful enough. Be sure to check every piece very carefully and buy only items with minimal damage that can be easily and inexpensively repaired.


Finding fab handbag pieces, whether by designer names or simply contemporary, does not mean spending a minimum of $500 in order to be fashionable. You can find a great handbag at a bargain price if you are savvy and patient. Just be resourceful and creative enough to look for the right shopping locations and the best deals and you will surely find that perfect piece.


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